Manuela is an award winning Fine Art Graduate from York University. She has travelled extensively and has had her work accepted into many juried shows; (Oakville Art society, Art works, Fine Art Society of Milton) 

She prefers to paint on large canvas with acrylic or oil paints, does not use under-painting, rarely sketches out her ideas and blends many colours on her pallet. Her style has evolved over many years from subject focused, slice-of-life, landscapes and city-scapes to her present works which invite the observer to experience the brightly blended colours forming organic shapes. 

Subject matter is purposely not evident, as she is wanting your curiosity, emotion and imagination to awaken  This allows you, the observer, to experience the movement, tone, colour and shapes.  Hopefully, you will see your world and its meaning in a new and profound way.


​​Fine Art

Manuela Schmidlechner